Monday, May 10, 2010

Intellectual connection

Off late there are too many connections and quotients people are talking about; Intellectual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Sexual Quotient, and god knows how many more quotients are there. And let me tell you, all these quotients connect to “baap of all quotients”. The MQ! Yeah, “Money Quotients”! Kidding!

I haven’t really thought too much about all these quotients. But the one which really bugged me is “
Intellectual Connection” I don’t really remember exactly where I heard this but it really put me to think about it a lot.

Recently in my organization a panel debate was organized. Two smart and intelligent groups of people were sitting across the table debating, “How well we connect with our associates?” Most of the views were to build a good relation with our associates. How? Go with them for coffee, talk to them about there family, talk to them about their issues/concern, and some even went to extent of taking associates to home for dinner and lunch.

I was so much caught with all this and said, is this the connection we need in an office environment? Does some one build a close relation with his manger because he took him for dinner to his home? I felt na... this isn’t true! People are not here in the office to build great emotional relation. They are here to work, excel and earn livelihood. Yes along with this they also need few good people to talk, share and laugh with them so need to build a good relation with them.

Then what is it? How to does relations get built? I think Intellectual Connection gives and answer for this.

When you meet your boss or a collegue for first few times, you start connecting to the person. You start your first step for Intellectual connection from the first meet! Every interaction with the person you have, every instance you get to hear him, you are constantly consciously or unconsciously building intellectual connection. It just does not happens only in the professional environment, it happens in all type of relation every day.

You would automatically get attracted to the people “whom you think” are smart and intelligent. You would start thinking of spending time with the people with whom you make a positive intellectual connection. If the other person also connects you on the intellectual connection, the relation turns stronger. Let me be cautious about the Emotional connections when I say this. I believe once two people get connected, the longevity of the relation depends on the emotional bonding people get to. No question about that.

Who has not heard about first site love! You find very few people who would deny that. That is like a seed which just sprout. Once people start interacting, the kick which keeps them to grow their relation to next level of shrub is Intelligent Connection. Usually when people meet, they talk about their hobbies, what they do in the free time etc. Their might not be anything common, but in those answers there is a message given out about once IQ. If this gets exciting, relation gets to next level of bonding. Based on the care, affection, humbleness, understanding and reciprocation of other person to your need, emotional connection grows and bonds.

When I googled about Intellectual connection, It was not surprising for me to see the Sexual attraction happens based on the Intellectual Quotient. Especially women get attracted to intelligent men! Well I’m not saying this, the research has shown this.

When I say Intellectual Connection, I don’t mean that people will get attracted to extremely intelligent people. What I mean is, two people with similar liking and intelligence will connect much faster and better.

Bottom line, Intellectual connection has become more prominent in professional environment and has a high impact in personal relationsh


  1. How true you are! We are receptive to persons with good intelligence and connection. This is my experience also.

  2. Hmm... It is an interesting read :-) you have given words to such a topic which is often unspoken...

  3. I agree with you that the bonding grows when two like minded people get along.. But there are some cases where the two people are 100% opposite but still they get along at some point of time which surprises me still and I keep thinking about this many times!!!

    But anyhow this is an entirely different topic which you tookup to write..Keep putting your thoughts!!